Daniël van der Tuijn ( 1900-1985)

This is how our story beGINs…

Imagine an isolated, run-down shed that conveys a hidden treasure: the decades old Buick Electra, that was owned by Daniël van der Tuijn of Wenneker Distilleries. Crammed in the trunk of the Buick lies the ragged pair of denim jeans the old man used to wear. One of the pockets contains the real gem: a well thought out dry gin formula, scrabbled onto an old notebook paper. Decade’s later Daniel’s grandsons decide to pick up the torch and produce the drink this man amongst men imagined.

We thought that "DENIM GIN" would therefore be an appropriate tribute for this first limited version of this perfectly balanced dry gin. This Denim version, by the way,  is not for the faint hearted. It’s a handcrafted, distilled dry gin, spicy and full of flavour. A gin with character. Muscular like that old rusty Buick. And tough like the old man, who was as passionate as he was tempestuous, as awesome as he was lovable.

A drink that suits you like your favourite old pair of jeans. Undergo the power. Enjoy the flavour. This is a gin you will want to pass on to your sons. Just like Daniël did with his grandsons.

This DENIM version is made in small batches, using a recipe created by our grandfather Daniël van der Tuijn

Distilled from a range of carefully selected botanicals which includes juniper, orris root, coriander, angelica, cardamom, lemon peel,, fig and rosemary, this gin is muscular, spicy and full of flavor.

Now let your story beGIN. How about Denim?


Perfect serve Wenneker
 Denim Gin


50 ml 'Wenneker Denim Gin'
150 ml Franklin & Sons Natural Indian Tonic Water
1 grapefruit sliced in pieces

Glass: Medium Glass
Method: put a big slice of the grapefruit in the glass, then 50 ml 'Wenneker Denim Gin' and and top up with 150 ml tonic, garnish with rosemary


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